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Re: Should I apply? I'm nervous.

Objectivist wrote:

HOLY SH!T.... APPROVED!!!  $3000 LIMIT!!!!!!!!


My other limit is $200! Ha!


Hey whoever egged me on to apply, thank you.

YES!!! so this was student version or regular?

if student, up front are there any differences? maybe someone with recent experience can put all my thoughts to the "WRONG" category and update highest limits for a student card, transition later when not a student, etc.

I don't mind being wrong when it means more credit!! haha



I'm still not back to Citi good graces but they are my go to when helping friends... got one friend to appy and instant $6k (highest before was Cap1 $500 for 8 years!) other friend $4600 not highest but able to do BT for 21 months and then CLI to $8600 after 6 months!... oh and firdst to $9400 i think or something at 6 months, maybe less but very easy online and instant... ASK FOR WAY MORE.. it counters right away!

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