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Re: using my unsecured to increase score.........

adio413 wrote:

AvaMommy wrote:

If had experience with Professional Accts and for me those were parking tickets...I paid and had them removed. As of right now from what I read you have paid them and are waiting till they get removed. I would play the waiting game and just wait till they are removed and pull your credit report again. As of right now if you said they were paid its up to the CA to remove them.


As for AFNI (DirectTV) I had helped a friend out with getting AFNI removed. Obviously he did a PIF with Direct TV and are waiting fr the removal)


Good luck

yes the professional account management ones were from old parking tickets. i did a dispute online with experian and they were deleted off ( i never paid them). now i'm waiting for the dispute results from TU


You know you not paying them means the liklihood of it coming back! I would suggest you paying those as well...just a FYI


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