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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012

My Discover card has finally reported and I received a new SW alert today. I've been waiting to see how my score was going to be affected by this final new credit ding. Much to my surprise, I actually got a 15 point boost, bringing me up to 710! I doubt that it was because of the new account, though; a couple of other things may very well have factored in. Today is the 1 year anniversary of an inq, so the effect was due to drop off. And, an account that reported a balance last month updated to a zero balance. So, I'm sure that the score change was due to a combination of factors all happening to coincide at once. Whatever the case, I'm thrilled to be back in the 700 club across the board!!! Smiley Very Happy


Now to continue sitting back in the garden and enjoying the view! Smiley Happy

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