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Re: Wally store card to Discover

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:

I have the new orange one :-D


First, I think it depends on your credit score - I got my offer to upgrade with a 670'ish score.

Second, I think it depends on account age- got mine after a full two years of having the Walmart Store Version....




it's prob very random.


Furthermore, my card was usually close to the limit because of using those 0% offers all the time... and then for two or three months, I kept it at a zero balance and I got the upgrade offer. My limit was $2,400 when I got the offer.

i believe its random. since when i apped got 800 store limit. but since i started the walmart fico ive had 740 to now 724(new accounts, inq, etc.)  im assuming if i reconned i could of gotten the discover version oh well. 


my question is that when you do upgrade does the store version becomes closed and its a new line? or does it go off the same walmart tl? 

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