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adding father to walmart card to get approval for amex! ideas thoughts?

so like i posted in the gardening thread. 

my father only came to the u.s. in 2010. and a couple months after jointly applied with my mom for a carecredit to get my wisdom teeth out. 

anyways it has a 3.5k limt and 2 years old(may be a little older). he has no other cards. id have to ask if my mom put him as an au on her orchard 5k card its about 3 years old. but has high util. 


if i add him to my walmart as an au. the card will be 5 months(in decemeber) old and has a 3k limit. 

what are the chances he will get approved for amex bce? 


he has no baddies. 

all payments on time about 5 inq total on 3 reports. 

one sears 

2 cc bank on eq and not sure about the other ones.

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