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How do I proceed? Garden or do I app for 1 more?
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Hello all! I need some help with my current situation. I am looking to get into the garden very soon, but I am not sure if there is anything else I should do before entering the garden. I feel like I need one more card and then I will be complete for a while. I plan to garden in order to allow my credit limits to grow and to allow my inquiries fall off. I am currently switching between my freedom card, my discover, and my Amex cards. Would I be approved for any of the Blue cards from Amex or is it too early?


My stats are as follows:


55k+ annual income

7 yrs, 7 months old account

4 years for AAOA

9 inquires in the last six months (I think this may be a problem)

31% utilization 

0 baddies


Accounts opened in the past 2 months:

Discover IT, Zync, Amex PRG, Delta Skymiles Gold, Upgrade from Store card Walmart to Discover Walmart


I recently applied for the Chase Amazon Visa, but was denied due to the amount of inquires. 


Starting Score: TU - 684 EQ- 639
Current Score: TU- 701 EQ- 715 EX- 701 from AMEX
Goal Score: 750 across the board
In my Wallet: Chase Sapphire Preferred - 5K, Chase Freedom - 4.5K, 1FBUSA - 2.4K, Walmart Discover -3K, Blue Sky Amex - 2K, Citi CashReturns - 1.5K, American Express PRG and Zync - NPSL, Delta Skymiles Amex - 1K, Discover More - 1.5K,ValuCity Furniture - 3.5K, CareCredit - 2.3K, A and F - 1.2K, Capital one - 1.25K and $750.