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Re: Citi Platinum Select to Dividends World Elite

CruzImperial wrote:

Thank you for the clarification.


However, could anyone provide a link so that we see the benefits?


I have no idea on how mastercards rewards work.


Nothing on citi page..


here's info straight from MasterCard website regarding world elite card benefits:  cant wait to see the silver MC logo up close & personal!!  Smiley Very Happy


found this in an article:  "World Elite will create a distinct brand position for MasterCard within the elite affluent demographic, defined as those with annual household incomes greater than $250,000."


surprisingly, i too called citi today to PC my Dividend World MC to World Elite and the rep took care of it,  also told me of the 45 days waiting period to complete the process.  CSR also told me it comes with an EMV chip too!  too bad they have FTFs  Smiley Sad  but good to have as back up anyhow.


i've always had 19.99% APR on this card, but with this "upgrade" it went down to 14.24%!  i always PIF anyways so it never bothered me, but more of the principle of the matter!!  it was my highest APR...when all my oters are at 13-14%

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