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Re: How to Obtain WM Discover (Updated)

I accidentally got two WM store cards in Jan and Feb 2011 with CL of 700 and 800.  I called the UWs a couple of months ago to request increases.  When he asked how much I told him I wanted $5000 because I wanted to try and get it converted to the Discover.  It was approved (went from $1100 to $5000).  The other one which was at 1500 at the time remained the same. Maybe because I had just received an increase to $1500 the month prior.  After the $5000 was approved, he transferred me to someone "in that dept" to see if they could do the conversion for me.  That person (who was American) told me that it wasn't customer initiated and that I'd have to reapply in the store. She told me there wasn't any other way. 


Well, I didn't try, but a few weeks ago, I got letters in the mail (for each acct) congratulating me on the conversion of both cards, and that I should receive the cards in 60 days, which I'm figuring will be around mid Nov. I just have to call them when I get it.  So for me, it was at about 20 months, and apparently your CL doesn't have anything to do with it, nor does PIF or using the card a lot in my case. 


(shrugging shoulders) Sorry I can't give you an answer.  It beats me how/why/when it happens.