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Discover AU benefits?
I've had discover for 7 months now. 2 months ago my wife also got a discover card. Her limit cl is $2000 mine is only $1000.

I was added as a AU. now is this s good idea? Is it worth doing this or will it hurt my Average age of credit? Which currently stands at 1 year tho I've had credit for 3 years. I had also recently added Walmart & amazon 4 months ago.

I was hoping it would help me with a Cli but recently when I requested a Cli they said it would be a hard pull.

Any benefit keeping me on the account as a AU or is it doing more damage than good. ??

Do u think removing will bump my average credit age ??

Advice please.

On a side note. All my cards are due for a CLI past my six months but all want hard pulls. Discover. Chase & citi. Current uti is 22% & debt to income is 7%

Should I want till ever is down super low or bite the bullet. My scores have dropped 20 points across the board because of the recently added cards.