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Re: How do I proceed? Garden or do I app for 1 more?

jeffj25 wrote:

Seems like the consensus is to wait. I guess I have the app itch, but I just feel like I need 1 more to make my collection complete. Is 31% a very high utilization? I did recon the chase card and was declined. I then recon the recon and was again declined. The lady said try again in 4-6 months when all my new accounts report. *sigh* 

Yeah, 31% is high for a new card generally speaking, you want it in the 1-9% range for optimal scoring points.  Anything here on out to 1 year, will more than likely result in denials.  Wait till then, work on the util, and grow the lines you have now. Your scores will be better off in the long run, and the inquiries won't count against you after a year FICO wise

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