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Re: Citi Platinum Select to Dividends World Elite

annab wrote:

L-TWT wrote:

CruzImperial wrote:

Thank you for the clarification.


However, could anyone provide a link so that we see the benefits?


I have no idea on how mastercards rewards work.


Nothing on citi page..

@LTWT  - why does it say on pg 2 that you only get 2% CB on rotating categories???    did you used to get 5% too?  or has it always been 2% for you?  is this a diff card because i currently get 5% on those rotating categories...would hate to lose out on 3% just b/c i changed to WElite version?  Smiley Sad


You will still receive 5% cash back on rotating categories just like the regular dividend card, I do believe, I could be wrong, that some categories could range from 2% to 5%!


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