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Re: Its that time of year again...

I do have many cards such as amex gold, freedom, citi thankyou, discover more and nordstrom visa 

i am proably going to apply for bloomingdales which is easy approval and one other card. I like store cards because of the perks and if you pay them in full you always get a increase

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Its been some time since i applied for new credit which was last janurary until this afternoon when i was at the mall and to my knowledge was approved for the nordstrom visa 5,000 limit im so happy and i haven't had an inquiry in a while and this cold weather here in ct is making me in the holiday sprit I recently pulled my credit EQ 783 EX761 TU 739 about 3 inquires on each


My credit card christmas wish limit And the wifes list HAHA please comment thoughts which ones would go with my credit profile and easy approvals I want to chose four !!

Victoria Secret


Lord & Taylor 

Neiman Marcus

Apple Barclay 


Thoughts anyone ??

from what ive read you can do the shopping cart trick for vs. 

make an account. put all the correct info and put some stuff in the cart. 

then when you go to check out should give you a pop up for a cc saying your pre approved. 

and from what i read on the other thread its not even a hard pull even if you accept. 



as for shopping what do you plan on buying for the list? do you want store cards or something you could use anywhere

Exactly my question. Why bother with store cards??  The JCP I have is my oldest card, otherwise , I'd shut it down as I NEVER use it.