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Re: Some Love from GE Credit Solutions

Very strange thing just happened first I called the front door for my Amazon card and got an Amercan rep and asked them for an increase and they very quickly denied me and said a letter would be sent in the mail then a few minutes ago i called Credit Solutions and see if they could help me cuz i had no i dea why i didn't call them in da first place so I called 1-877-379-4936 and got a rep in india again to see if i can increase my Amazon card and they told me that the "minumum credit limit requirement for underwriting on an Amazon account is $1,000 and since mine is at $500 underwriting cannot review my account for an increase"


Has anyone heard this before? Did they lie to me or are they telling me the truth?


on a side note I am not a racest in any way, however I am really surprised that the people in India at Credit Solutons were easy to understand and were able to help me with the 2 increases at least. I still can't belive it that i got some increases!

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