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Re: Wells Fargo secured card advice

They say higher limits beget higher limits. When I had my WF Secured card ,  I started with 500, then a couple months later I added 2k... I do NOT recall ANY hard pull by them for just increasing my CL. I ran with it for a year then tried to get them to "un-secure" it... didnt get anywhere ! Got the standard message that they were not graduating cards. She asked if I would like to apply for another card ? I was totally disgruntled, as how were they going to approve an unsecured card when they wont just graduate my existing ? Out of sheer anger, I applied with her and got the 7-10 mssg, but BAM ! Got an email saying Congradulations on your NEW 3800CL rewards card ! Havent lloked back since... also search wf secured on this site... theres a ton of posts

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