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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program
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This is the dumbest program ever, I got this card back in 09/2011 got the 1 step credit increase from 500-750 and have been asking for a CLI since I hit the one year mark and I get same line and dance "at unspecified times we review your account." What a crock of Crap, and if you ever use the online chat the CSR's are really annoying or really dumb. For example today I used the online chat and I was asking about this stupid credit step program trying to verify if it was a one time thing or what, and right off he starts pasting information about how the program works.  I told him he needs to slow down and let me finish my question, then he jumps off with a question asking me if I wanted to initiate a CLI followed by an excerpt about how he needs all my personal information, just the standard broiler plate crap if you want a CLI. I told him again he needs to slow down and follow along with my discussion it was like talking to a schizophrenic.Furthermore, they never directly answer any questions simply.  I unfortunately, cancelled two of the 3 cards I had with these C.S. (C--- Suckers) one was 9 mos old and the other was a few days shy of a year which effected my credit poorly. I would cancel this stupid platinum joke of a card but it would further hurt my score. I do not use this card often I actually hate using it but if I do I pay it off in full early just to make sure these co-- suckers do not get any interest off me!  This is the worst credit card company hands down, I cant believe they bought HSBC where I have two other cards and have always had good experiences with in the past.