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Re: Wally store card to Discover

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Yep! I have the orange one! It actually looks like a real discover!!:-). I just requested a replacement card and they sent it!
I just got upgraded in May btw. Got a measly $100 cli from $2400, but called uw to get it upped to $5k:-D
@creditnocash- unfortunately, my old store version did close :-( and the new one did report as a new tradeline; however, I noticed no drop in my score, but I did notice an increase in score once I called the uw for a cli to $5k(likely due to lowering of util).


Worth mentioning that both my BR Visa and Wmt Discover were obtained after 24 months of flawless pmt history on each store version

ok thanks. since june ive been trying to keep my util under the 9% i only have 6% reporting at the moment. 425 best buy and the other too i pif that were reporting. now to see how much i can pay off on my 2k card since i put a 64gb iphone 5 upgrade on it =/ luckily no intrest anyway until sep' 13

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