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Re: Internal Scoring?

EC341 wrote:

Thanks for your reply but the contradictory statement says the agency played no part in their decision ie; don't go complaining to them since it won't matter. It's all quite a little scam they have going when you think about it. They can say whatever they want and just use the broad term internal scoring.

FICO is the scam if you ask me. Do yourself a favor and save your time and money. As you said, a lot of lenders use their own internal scoring and I know that Chase cares more about the actual report than the score when doing a manual review. Even if you buy your score and see you have a 750 it does not guarantee you will get the card. If anything, I would just look at reports before applying to make sure that everything is correct.


Are you sure you spoke to an analyst? The number listed on this site does not seem like it actually goes to an analyst so the person you spoke to may not have even been able to see why you were denied.