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Re: Garden Club Meeting - October 2012


Since I've gardened hard (well, relatively LOL)  I thought I'd make it official and join the club Smiley Wink   And pick up the silver spade if that's ok Smiley Happy  (seems to be a good reminder).


My last App and HP was 5-18-2012 for AMEX Blue (too bad the rules don't allow that to BD here as well LOL, before that was 12-2011), I hope the Walmart upgrade to WD doesn't count (no HP)....   No real time frame in mind other than raising my AAoA with no new TLs for a while and looking at either a AMEX TE later and Chase addition (unsure yet).


Seeing others in the garden helped me avoid apping for that 400$ cash back NFL temptation (looked, didn't fill out lol, UTIL was just too high to risk it but MAN who wasn't tempted?!).