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Re: Bank of Omaha Discover Pre-approval

sakhalin070 wrote:

I keep reading this as "Bank of Obama", lol.


Anyways, does this card have the same rotating categories as the More/IT for the 5% cash back?  The no annual fee and 0% until April or May sounds pretty good.  If you don't want to wait for an offer for the More card, I'd say go for this one if you really want it.

You've been spotting too many political updates online :smileylol:

Or, you may want to consider getting a bigger screen and\or an eye exam :smileywink:


I agree with Sakhalin about waiting and getting the card and perks you really want.  And FNBO is VERY conservative at times (which is usually LOL).  Make sure you have your "ducks" in a row before applying with them (just my 2 cents).  :smileyhappy:   


Too be completely honest Nicholas, the baddies you listed in your siggy,  really lower your chances for FNBO and Discover.  Neither of those lenders are too forgiving when it comes to those :smileysad:  I'd hate for you to take an INQ for nothing.  Maybe check the offers page on Discover to see if you're there and if not, it may at least put you on their radar.