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Re: Bank of Omaha Discover Pre-approval

Don't be too pessimistic, I actually got my Discover More back in late April with scores around yours.  At the time my TU was 659 and my EQ would have been around the 650 range.


At the time I had just been on an app spree (opened 5 accounts in about a month), so I'm not sure exactly what had reported by the time Discover got hold of me, but prior to the spree I had an AAoA of about 5 years, 3 opened CCs that were 2.5-4 years old all with limits under $1000, at least 4 negs (COs and collections) and one open loan. Aside from the COs/collections - all of my other accounts were in perfect standing and my util was probably around 33%.  


I got approved for the Discover More with a starting limit of $1000, did a BT right away hoping they'd up the limit (but they didn't) and I just saw yesterday that I got a CLI from them without requesting it.  It was only $300, but that's still a 30% increase Smiley Wink


I've also gotten two FNBO letters since all that, the most recent was the Discover offer (not sure what the first was) they were about 3 months apart.  I didn't act on the first, and have the second somewhere around here in case I find myself wanting to take advantage of the 0% interest around Christmas time.

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