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Re: Navy FCU Secured Denial

When I went into an NFCU branch last year to app for a secured card the person I sat with explained to me that NFCU would not deny a member a secured card because it was secured with your own money. Now I'll add to that in saying when you do apply, chances are if you have accounts with them that are in bad standing ie past due, unpaid, etc, then of course they're not just going to let you open a secured card because they would want you to take care of your past due balances with them first.


NFCU is a very lenient credit union. Once you do right by them, they'll take care of you. If you start messing up, they even try to work with you to get you back on track. I wished that I had tried them first for my secured card last year before wasting pulls with BOA, Cap1, and other places. They just unsecured my card a few weeks ago and gave me an increase so do try.

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