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Re: USAA Score Monitoring?? what deal you can get from them...they must have lost some business because when i called 3 weeks ago and asked what they can do...I already had the 50% off from $12.25 which was $6.12 a month and then they told me they can add $9.95 on top of that which was not bad, but I told them I will look elsewhere and call back.


Called back yesterday morning and just acted stupid like "Umm...I cant pull my fico today..what happened"..must got a decent rep because she offered me half off the 50% ulimited until May of next year. WIth the 50% off and $6.12 a month she said this will make my monthly total around $11+ change...not sure I kept them for now. Wish my GF wouldn't cancel her as she might have got the same deal..however I think I'm just going to tell her to get AMEX product..she is not rebuilding like I am so no need for frequent checks. Actually to think of it...I'm no longer rebuilding either just like to pull it and its a habit from my rebuilding days...frankly the report has been looking the same for last 90 days now that everything is gone and only thing it does is updates payments on current cards....def will cancel in may and then switch to once a month report somewhere else.

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