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Re: Jcpenney card: Research

You must have a four month PAYMENT HISTORY to get a CLI with GECRB.


I have a $4900 limit with JCP.


Got a $700 CL in 2009 with about a 630-650 score... then got a CLI to 1500 a year later, then 2900, then 4900.


Seems like they don't do CLI like other GECRB accounts. I also am at "Gold" level, but have always paid in full, except maybe a month or two. I've only rec'd cli on a sort of annual basis... between Nov and Jan usually. lol

TU Score is currently 696, and last time I tried for a CLI (maybe last month), JCP denied me LOL....


Go figure. I actually only use it at CVS for the most part unless I get that free $15 coupon for having "gold" status.


Good luck :-)

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