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Re: Lowe's card

guydiver wrote:

deg757 wrote:

What credit score do you need to get a Lowe's (or Home Depot) card? Will my scores get me one? We are closing on a home in 2 weeks and need a washer/dryer.

Lowes is GECRB.  They have an internal scoring system that is not a Fico score, I have a letter from them stating such.  They like to pull TU, but I know they have pulled my EQ on at least one occasion.  If you qualify for a mortgage, you will surely qualify for a Lowe's card, the only issue will be your starting limit.  Like most GE cards, they can be most generous with CLI's if you treat them well.  I don't see you having any problem, as long as you wait until after closing to app.  FYI, and YMMV, but if you want to make a significant purchase, I would apply in-store so you will have the added benefit of requesting a CL to accommodate your purchase.  Good luck.

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