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Re: does anyone have the hilton h honors card by city

remarc wrote:
I just got a email with a offer to apply for the Amex Hilton hhonors credit card.

Is that offer a pre approval or just a random offer?

The Amex based emails are for Honors or Surpass AMEX cards. I get those b/c I stay at Hiltons often and I am in the hotels HH club. My utilization should be down new 1% in a few more days, then I'll putt for the AMEX Surpass card. I also got an AMEX back date to 98 through my business cards so my hope is that when I app for the AMEX surpass my overall AAoA will skyrocket helping my Fico to rise as well. Looking to app for the Citic Honors reserve after I see the effects of the backdaing. I got a mail pre-approval for that card last month. Just wanted to get my personal FICO score built as high as possible before apping for the Citi Reserve version.

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