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Re: Chase Freedom CC/Recon

ternify- wrote:

Thank you everyone for your valuable input. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier because I was trying to retrieve the account that I originally posted with. (I forgot my password, and turns out, there's no way you can reset your password if you are only registered for myFICO forums, so I had to make a new account.)

Anyway just wanted to update you guys. I did call the recon number again around 20 days after I initially talked with them, which was this Monday. So credit analyst I got was aware that I had called them four times and asked them to reconsider THREE times already and she said I CANNOT recon again (obviously) and she also said I wasn't supposed to recon more than once. So I was left disheartened and I was probably going to leave it at that but for some reason, I don't know what I was thinking or why I did that, but I called them once more a couple of minutes later! Now I knew I was going to be rejected again, but I probably did it to just hear the rejection one last time. So she asked me the same questions as the other credit analysts, she asked me about my current CITI credit card, and I think she wasn't aware that it was a secured card. So I answer all the questions honestly, she puts me on hold for about 4-5 mins, then comes back with "Congratulations!" I literally replied "Are you serious!" because this was the one call where I was least expecting to get approved. I don't have words to describe what I felt at that moment.This would've never been possible if it weren't for this forum and everyone on it.

I would just like to thank you guys again. Had I never come across this forum, I would've never learned about recons and would've still been sulking over my denial letter. So to all the people out there in the same boat as me, NEVER give up hope on recons!

Congrats!!! whats the CL???