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From Capital One $500 limit to American Express
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Not long ago I had posted on here and did not really get any good replies so I thought I would add a little more detail and maybe that would help. Anyways I had posted about how one day a little over a month ago a friend was over and a commercial for American Express came on the TV so we were messing around and both applied for the platinum card. I’m 21 and then the only card I had was a Capital One card with a $500 limit and they refused to increases it not long ago when I asked. Keeping in mind I have never missed a payment or ever used more the 50% of the credit. I had it about a year. He as a Capital One card also but with a $300 limit. Had it about 6 mouths. He applied first and got declined for it right away and I started thinking maybe I shouldn’t but did anyways and I got this.


Thank You for applying for the American Express® Platinum Card. In order to provide you with an instant decision, we need to speak with you.


So I called gave them my SSN they pulled it up asked me a few questions. Where I live, where I work, what I make and so on. I told them everything honesty. I’m a Hotel Front Desk Supervisor and Housekeeping Supervisor and only make around 45k a year. She then asked me to hold for a few minutes as she had to check something. I have no idea what anybody got any ideas?

She then came back about 5 minutes later and said. Welcome to American Express you are  approved for our Platinum card and you'll get your card in the mail with-in 2 or 3 days.


So after thinking about it for a while and still am I thought man how did I get this? Does anybody have any ideas? Did the Capital One card help that much? I have also checked my credit report and had a credit score of 668 I believe. I see two Capital One inquires one for the card and the other for the increases I’m guessing the American Express one is also on there and a student loan is on there also. Thanks for your replies in advance. Smiley Happy


And for anybody that may not believe me.