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How many HP's is too many?
Finally after a long battle my scores are finally 700+ across the board. INQ's are EQ 5 (1 from Discover since scores up 3 within the last yr), EX 4 (1 from Discover since scores up 2 within the last year) and TU 1 from Barclays NFL Card since scores up. No score drop from the new INQ's. EQ dropped 13 pts from 724 to 711 when Barclays and Discover reported new acct TL's without reporting the CL amounts. My oldest rev acct is 20 yrs old. I would like to app for a bank credit line and a couple more rev accts to help my CL amount, which will add more zero balances to my CR. FICO loves zero balances. So, how many INQ's is too much!

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Current Score: FICO TU 725 FICO EQ 735 EX 754
Goal Score: 850

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