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Re: Lowe's card

Close on house and then apply.... if at home call back door number, if in store you can try to let them do it but bring back door number just in case you have someone that doesn't understand how to do it... call in and ask for a lot! if you are already approved its not going to turn into a denial all together and they are not going to say no i can't give you $10k so I won't increase you at all... I think HD tends to show a little higher CL's on this recon with brand new apps but I have seen some high Lowes to on these forums.

I got lowes with $500, at time of my GE app spree my lowest which seemed weird since higher dollar store but I had kind of been out of the GE realm for a bit so i didn't know about the new manual review and getting away from some other country... to late by time i knew

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