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Re: Chase Freedom CC/Recon

Thanks everyone! The CL I've received is $500. I know it's not much at all, but it's still better than being denied. And I also think I only the credit analyst matched this CL with my CITI Secured CC's limit, which is also $500, because the last thing she asked me before she put me on hold was about my CL with CITI. I'm still suprised she didn't know about my BofA card, because I was under the impression that they usually have access to the latest credit report.

And to clear the confusion of some of the posters here, I am the OP. The reason I had to make a new account was because I forgot the password to the account that I posted with initially. I tried resetting the password, but it kept asking me for my SSN. Since the account was forums only, I never entered my SSN when I registered for it, so it was of no use. Anyway, I'm just happy I finally got the CC I wanted.

Also, is Chase Freedom a prime card? What exactly makes a card prime or sub-prime, is it the CL?

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