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Juniper CLD... Recon Success

So I received a letter yesterday from Juniper that they were decreasing my credit line by $300, granted that isn't much but still aggrevating.  I called the backdoor number this morning to find out why since I have never missed a payment and always pay more than the minimum.  I do carry a balance on the card because I am using it to finish my basement remodel, but overall UTI is below 30%.  After speaking to Sam in the credit analyst department he agreed that I manage my credit well and have an great history with them so he reversed the decrease and put it back to my original limit. 

8/2012 TU 693 EQ 698
9/14/2012 TU 718 (Discover's score included in welcome letter)
9/14/2012 EX 717 (Amex Score)

Discover More $4000, Chase Freedom $6000, Amex BCP $6000, Barclays/Juniper $3600, Care Credit/GEMB $5000, Orchard Bank $1850