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Re: AMEX latest day to apply to get 2012 member date
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pat0812 wrote:

How many business days do you need?

why doesn't the approval date counts as the year?

is it when I activate my card or when they print the card?

I couldn't tell you, but anecdotally it does not.  If I had to guess it's probably when either the account is established, or the actual card is created which may be the deciding factor anyway; however, I'm pretty certain it's not when you activate (though that counts the CLI clock on a revolver).  It's tough to know with a lender's systems in what order they do things explicitly; however, we had people last year wait until the last week or so of December and get '12 as their member date instead of  '11.  I don't recall the full details but I think there was mixed success for their getting that changed.


Also is that the date the bureaus update, or the date your statement closes?  Could be another day or two swing in there.  One thing I would suggest, is when I got my Zync I had the option of getting the number right then and there so I could use it online... all I can say is DO IT, and make any stupid online charge (a cookbook from Amazon directly or whatever) from an easily recognizable merchant ASAP.    I think this can only help for trying to hit your '12 deadline if you need to cut it close.

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