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Re: AMEX latest day to apply to get 2012 member date

When I applied for the Zync i had to call in for the address verification they often do. The rep was super-polite and accommodating in every way. I would highly recommend calling them whether you are instantly approved, get the 7-10days message, or whatever. And on the call, specifically say you were wondering if your member since date could reflect 2012. It'll be less of a crapshoot if you can get a human being on your side.


Otherwise, I do think you would be cutting it close. If I recall correctly, my card was postmarked about 7 days after my application to them, but around the holidays that timeframe would be likely to lengthen.


Still, it was kind of funny to me at the time because I got my original Zync card, called them and had them backdate me to my prior AmEx card, then requested a new card and received that, all after I had requested the Cash Rewards product change from BoA but before I received the new BoA card.  Compared to AmEx, BoA is glacial.

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