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Re: Does Chase Blacklist?
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I filed C7 BK in 5/2002 and included four CC companies.  Chase was not one of them, but one of the banks they have acquired over the years was IIB.  I applied for Chase Freedom a few months ago (after the BK was off my CR) and was initially given the 10-30 day message.  I called in to the back door number and did a manual review.  I was asked about the BK.  They asked several times why I filed BK on a Chase account.  I stayed firm to the fact that I did NOT file BK on a Chase account (how am I to know which banks they acquired over the years?) and after a few minutes of hold time I was advised I would get a decision in the mail within 10 to 30 days, just like the online application stated.  About a half hour later I called in to the application status line and was approved for $6,000, which matched my GECRB PayPal Mastercard.

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