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Re: Do They Mind When You Go In The Back Door?

+1 Shogun.  If they didn't want you calling those people, they'd change the number and notify only the people they want  to have it of the new number.


Many companies that are smart about the way they run their company recognize that it's a good thing for a certain percentage of these issues to enter the system higher up the chain.  That enables the upper echelons of the company to "take the pulse" of how things are going with their customer relations.


As someone who has cold-called CEOs for his day job, I will say that while they don't mind getting calls in the executive offices, you can make the situation better for all parties involved and often get a better outcome for yourself by planning ahead. When you know exactly what you want to say, the points you want to convey and the result you want to get, you can keep the call short and sweet and use a minimum of the valuable time of whoever you're speaking to.


Respect, courtesy, and efficiency will take you much further on these backdoor numbers than a sense of entitlement will.  For example, if you're calling up a credit analyst for a recon, have copies of your credit reports in front of you and be prepared to discuss what's in them. Present your evidence and make a well-reasoned request for what you want.  Requests, even strong, firm requests, meet a lot less resistance than demands.


Ultimately, the best thing you can do is remember that it's a relationship. Companies that really "get" customer service treat their customers as if it's a long-term relationship, and as a customer you can get a lot of mileage out of treating companies the same way - even the companies with terrible customer service.

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