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Re: Just me or is American Express Stepping way back to a more basic line up...

webhopper wrote:
The Cardat a glance

The Lowe's Business Rewards Card delivers rewards for your purchases at Lowe's and everywhere else American Express® Cards are accepted

  • 3X Lowe's Business Rewards points at U.S. restaurants, at U.S. office supply stores, and on services from U.S. wireless telephone service providers, 2X points at Lowe's, 1X points on other purchases
  • Points are earned only on eligible purchases
  • Points can be redeemed for Lowe's Gift Card and American Express® Gift Cards


Lowes is still there silly!

Sorry had only looked at "Personal" when I posted... maybe i was misthinking that it was "ever" offered as personal too!

I think it's a silly card overall unless a very cash flow positive contractor... I would think most would find it better to take the 0% terms on a contractor card while building, remodeling, flipping, whatever the business is then roll through a amex $100k+ and pay it as you go to get the nice rewards back!

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