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Re: Just me or is American Express Stepping way back to a more basic line up...

OptimasPrime wrote:

Creditaddict wrote:

I feel like Amex almost backed up to 1999 When the Blue first launched... Feel like that was only 2nd or so card that revolved at time and was first time MOST people KNEW you could even have that option on Amex... and still to this day I still hear people say "I don't have American Express because you have to pay it in full each month!"


But Lowes is gone, Zync is gone, 1 Tier out of of Delta is gone, Mercedes Charge Card is gone... Feel like im missing others that are gone too?

Is this all true or?? are they swapping people out to knew stuff or do you grandfathered in if you wish like the Platinum Optima from before Blue in 1999.


Also I thought they were taking away the 6% Grocery on Blue+... no?


They didn't take away the 6% on the BCP, they just put a $6000 annual cap on it. Any purchases in excess of 6k only get 1 percent


I mean it means the card is still worth it.. it out pays you any other options but does that include $6k Cap on 3% Category to or just Grocery?

it's good, it pays for itself but it certainly changes the run for the closest computer if you are the Duggers... Which they are Millionaires and kind of like Dave Ramsey (They sell the fact they do NOT use Credit Cards and only have Debit Cards but the thought of the rewards they are missing out on almost kills me!!! HAHA

but I guess it's kind of like someone having the Amex Black... I wouldn't pull out and swipe a Target Card just to save the 5% if I was a Amex Black Cardholder but could you imagine if you had that wealthy and if you CARED or could even spend the time to think of such thing the "games" you could play with the credit cards!!!!

I mean you would have to have an assistant just to track the caps, new cards, what not... 


I know im pretty much insane but I almost think it could be fun/funny... but again... you must likely would cost yourself millions trying to play the rewards game just with the time spent applying!!

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