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Re: Just me or is American Express Stepping way back to a more basic line up...

webhopper wrote:

Shogun wrote:

I think so, and this new thing with Walmart definitely isn't helping their image.

What thing with Wal mart?

a pre-paid card...


I got the serve


but if you want ANY actual "Real" affiliation with Amex I would be getting the real amex Pre-Paid because they will "Monitor" and "May" offer you to apply for a charge card but does not mean you will be approved... but I think Amex is pretty on top of when they do something like that!


Maybe we have just become "MAD" about rewards... When I first started collecting "I mean applying" for credit cards at 18, I applied for everything, If I shopped and they had a card, I applied.. If I was in breathing range and they had a card, I don't care if I shopped, I would apply and shop to do so! lol

but besides my 10% for first purchase or what not it wasn't until the amex that I thought it was a bigger better image to slap something down "besides" the store card if that's were i was... i mean structure... thinking if they were kind of first to start changing to multi tiers for spending more... I was 18 or 19 at that point and being one of the first to have  a color changing card THAT WAS THE IMAGE to pull out!

Now I just get mad at the idea of how "easy" it is to hit those levels.


I mean it's barely in my view but I think I was 15 or 16 because it was my first card through my parents so i started paying attention (Gold USAirways) also one of the first cards I remember that came out with "Invitations" to "call to see about moving  to Platinum... I snatched that up and was on the phone in seconds which of course then required my mom to get on to verify but the lady was like... "You can't just upgrade, you have to qualify!" Which also got me to snap back "I think a Cardholder with a $18k limit what ever it was at that point WILL QUALIFY, Why don't you go check!

and of course did have to come back and tell us the great news of the upgrade!

My parents had other cards but USAir was IT until Capital One (The Blue Travel One) they use to have... USAir was like 18/22% I don't know but that was about the time (after 1998) that interest rates started being WAY lower on cards, and Im not even sure what bank use to handle the USAir but they would not move my moms rate and for some reason she didn't just toss in drawer since I think they had that since I was born practically! she closed it! something that mattered not one bit but once you start seeing what's out from others, you have to have that with current or why have current! im long time customer if you don't see the point then im going to be long time customer with someone else... but didn't we then just become VERY short term customers!??



Some is probably cost associated especially when thinking Macy's and 4 colors, Express and 3, Victoria Secret and 3 colors, think Saks had or stil has 4 (that cost is worth it!)

I think Neiman Marcus discontinued any of the color cards they use to offer unless it's still kind of like the black to get platinum and it's not offered or talked about just comes if you make it ($100k) way back when.


are we more obsessed with 0% and 9.9% after 0% and 3% gas to care about colors or levels and really a lot of those store card levels didn't get me more rewards, just got me the level to show when i whipped it out that I had spent that much... which only helped in Marhsall Fields and the $4k, and $6k levels... Nordstrom in beginning for Signature (use to require 760 score, $8k or $10k limit?) not sure if anything else.... now it's the only visa right?

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