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Re: From Capital One $500 limit to American Express

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
That's a reallllyyyy good idea! I'll have to get that 3xcli at 61days to be able to pay for all of my tuition, and then I can put next semester's tuition on it and get that cashback!!!!!:-D I noticed that my BCE even has the "check spending ability" button too. Do you have any idea if they pull your credit for that?! Hmmmm

We just gotta make sure we only improve our credit from here, esp. considering older people hate on us a lot of times for using credit LOL


No they don't pull credit again. From what I understand its just a hidden limit on your card and you find out once you hit it. I had my schooling on there when I did the 5k check and it said it would be approved. So that would of been about 8k on the card and I never plan on putting that much on there so I'm not to worried.