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Stuck with Cap1 Platinum Visa $500 CL, and $59 AF for 12 years. Help!!!!

Hi all,


My first post here and I need your help, please.


I have this Cap1 Visa Platinum since Feb 2000. The CL has been $500 for those 12 years.


My current credit scores across all 3 bureaus are 650-675 (yeah, I had some tough time with several charged offs in 2010 but I cleaned them all up)

Recently, I was approved for a AMEX SimplyCash for $3000, a CapOne Cash Rewards for $1000, and business CapOne Spark Select for $2000.


Since this Cap1 Platinum is my oldest card, I don't want to close it. Nor do I want to pay $59 annually either, since it does not grow. So I called them last week. But they said "there is no offer available for this card. I'll put a note in your file to flag some analysts so they can review your request sooner". The balance of the account is question has been $0 for 3 months. And my overall UTIL is < 10%.


Please advise me what to do? Email Exec office? Call Exec office? Cancel? Continue to pay $59/year (ouch!)?


Thank you in advance



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