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SUCCESS! Credit App Spree After Bad Credit

Due to terrible circumstances and a giant sob story I will spare you all from, last year my credit score was at an all time low of 527.  I lost all my credit cards during this time.  I have been painstakingly digging myself out of the giant hole I was in and meticulously repairing my credit.  First I worked something out with one of the credit cards that had closed on me.  I went on a payment plan to pay off the debt I owed to them.  After 12 months of regular payments and getting to a zero balance, they opened the card back up with a $1000 CL.  During this time I also saved up $3000.  I opened up a secured credit card with it.


I then began monitoring my credit report with Experian.  I found a few errors and fixed them.  I stayed on top of every payment.  This last month's credit pull showed that I had improved my credit score with Experian to 675.  My secured card has a 1% cash back reward on it, so we use that to pay for everything and then pay it in full at the end of every month.  The $375 we got back this year was fabulous and it made me start researching rewards cards.  So over the last couple months I had been drooling over a few rewards cards, but I was terrified to apply for anything.  Especially since I know that the best rewards cards (the ones I was most interested in) require great credit.


Finally after weeks of sleepless nights I bit the bullet.  Here are the results (in the order I applied):


Citi Forward: Approved for $7000 (5% on restaurants (my biggest weakness), bookstores (which includes and entertainment, 1% everything else)

American Express Blue Cash Preferred: Approved for $2000 (6% on grocery, 3% on gas and department stores, 1% everything else)

US Bank Cash+: Approved for $3000 (5 - 6.25% on your choice of 2 categories (which include bills!!!), 2% on your choice of gas, grocery or Rx, 1% everything else).


I am EXTATIC!  What a beautiful array of reward cards!  I will be getting 5 - 6.25% back on pretty much everything that I spend money on.  I am most excited about the US Bank one.  6.25% back on my cell phone, cable, internet and utility bills?  AWESOME!  Citi Forward said my Experian was actually 705 which makes me wonder why when I checked it said 675.  Well the App spree dinged my credit score.  My Experian now shows me at 664.  But that is ok.  I'm done with the apps for a long while and these new cards will eventually make my score go up again.  And... my score was high enough to unsecure my credit card (which I'm using to pay off a ridiculous 16.99% loan I have) and lower the APR on my auto loan.  FABULOUS!  Slowly, but surely I am getting back on my feet!