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Question about NFCU Flagship NPSL or lack there of...

I just wanted to ask you fellow card holders if you've ever had a problem going over you limit with the Visa Signature from NFCU? I recently had my nRewards converted to a Flagship Visa Signature rewards card mainly because I liked NPSL feature that I thought was on all Visa Signature cards. Well I I've charged up my card to the limit this month and I just submited a full payment eariler today from the Navy Federal Checking account I have an hour or two after I made the payment I also tried to make another charge for $277 pucks that would have put me over my limit by only $40.00 had I not made the payment. Now I understand the payment may still have been processing but I figured it would have been ok to charge that transaction because of the NPSL.  When I called NFCU the rep told me shes never heard of that feauture so imagine my confusion? .. This card has a $49.00 annual fee but I'm thinking about going back a nRewards if I can't get that benefit. What if I needed to go over for an emergency or something false advertising no?


Any thoughts from the community?

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