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Shot down for Chase Amazon?
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I've been terrible. I've apped again. This time, for Chase Amazon. I had a good reason (we all do). I've come to the decision to close my Capital One card (extremely rude CSR omg) Anyway I've decided to take my business to Chase. I got approved for Freedom at 3k a few days ago so I said HEY I would like two VISAs and just close my CAP1 card out since Chase gave me a generous limit.


Unfortunately I got that 30 day message saying my application required further review. I'm sensing a denial here or maybe their identity system is detecting two applications and requiring identity verification? The recon analyst are gone for the day so I'll probably check back tomorrow. Wish me luck! I am not taking no for an answer after taking another HP!


I need app AA ASAP. Lol.

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