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Re: AMEX latest day to apply to get 2012 member date
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pat0812 wrote:

I'm going to have 6 months in November 17, but I was wondering if increasing my limit

with Wells Fargo would get me more chances to get approved for a charge card with AMEX

should I apply in November or December ?

Your historical limits are pretty irrelevant for Amex charge approvals, it's more a factor of income.  I wouldn't sweat this.


Honestly though, I'd take the shot twice: November, and then December if not approved; however, I'm firmly of the opinion that a '12 backdate is much better than a '13 backdate over the next 3-4 years, and as such an extra inquiry to me if needed is utterly trivial in comparison (since it's minimal damage and that's gone score-wise in a year anyway).


Good info from others posted about the date; however, with the 7-10 day possibility, earlier is better.  I don't think that limits or a 7th reported month will make more than a marginal difference, so I'd simply take the shot after the sixth reported month on my tradeline.

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