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Re: Is it time to call

Wait I thought this was all about Barclay but then something about Cap1 and Exec Office.... Are you mad about Cap1 not increasing or mad about Barclay not increasing?

I dont see why the SP monthly are bad... most don't get crazy like we do and actually pull reports that would show SP's... and MANY banks SP very often... Amex has been known to SP 10+ a month some poeple... doesn't always mean ANYTHING!

People said they applied for 2-3 cards after opening Barclay and Barclay closed them.... I applied for... welll I applied for about 20 credit cards, got 10! and applied for and FINALLY Leased 1 car after about 40 INQ! Barclay did not care!


and what's the problem, call backdoor Barclay you can have a CLI in 15 minutes.... is it the HP you refuse to take? call and ask it to go to $5k or $10k, what do you want? don't call and ask for $1500 because you don't want to be declined... They will give it to you, counter or decline... the amount you ask for won't be the reason if you are declined!!!

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