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Re: Just got 1st AMEX Zync statement
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Duncanrr wrote:

Ron1 wrote:

You need to pay in full by the due date before the due date.. After that, they might charge late fee or report you as deliquent.




The due date is the day before the next statement date, right? Isn't the please pay date a suggestion? Normally, I'll pay on the 15th but since I'm straighten out high UTIL due to hurricane, Im planning on paying at end of month (11 days before next statement date and 4 days after please pay by date).

It doesn't matter the charge doesn't count the credit utiliization because you cannot carry balance. Amex need your payment on or before 26th of this month. If you need more time, you can call time to make another arrangement.  You need to pay in full for the charge card unlike the credit card.  After 26th, Amex might charge late fee. Amex might report your account as deliquent if you wait until next statement. I usually pay the card as soon as the statement comes out every month. By the way, they might raise your spending limit if you pay on time.

Here is some info for card payment:


 Quote from Amex:

Your Charge Card payment is due in full by the “Please Pay By Date” indcated on your monthly billing statement.  The "pay in full" nature of the charge card is to help our Cardmembers avoid any unnecessary  interest charges.