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Re: Shot down for Chase Amazon?
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maiden_girl wrote:

navigatethis12 wrote:

Chase's computer will usually deny an application if you submitted an application within thirty days, and they usually do not even check credit when this happens. I got the same thing and it took five minutes to get approved for another card.

Oh good! So there's hope! I hope they used the same report to make their decision then!! I'll definitely call them in the AM to recon!


Yeah, you will most likely have to call in.  The Chase computer will deny you if your apps are too close together.  That happened to me a while ago and when I called in she said she would make "an exception"Smiley Indifferent for me and do a manual review. 



So all hope is not lost but if you wait for the letter it will probably be a denial.  Plus screw waiting 30 days.

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