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Re: Shot down for Chase Amazon?

nenuco wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

Little update here...


So apparently a recon was not necessary. I received this in my inbox this morning.


Congratulations! You have been approved for the Consumer Rewards Visa® Card. Your new card has been automatically added to your account as your default payment method. Before using your card, obtain your cardmember agreement and other important information about your account through the link below. Once you have obtained your cardmember agreement, you can start using your card immediately.


I guess they really did need additional time to process my application. I even double checked my Amazon account and the card has been added as a default payment with a little nice surprise...a $30 gift card! Mahah! I am shocked by the credit line however---$1,500 wth. It's a bit off from my CL on my freedom card (3k). I am going to call and ask Chase to match my Chase Amazon and Chase Freedom. Would they have to HP my credit again? And should I do it before or after I activate my card?

Congrats! You could call CS if you want, but you have to think of it as Chase extending you a total of $4,500 not two separate lines (if that makes sense), as they are both new cards. I personally would not call them until the 6 month mark, when you have more history with them. On another note, I think Chase has been awesome about letting people open (2) personal cards in a short time frame. This use to be highly unlikely, leading to a lot of myths revolving around this very subject. So CONGRATS and treat them well!

I guess you're right. Well now that I have the 3k limit, I'd rather have it be on Freedom since it has the most rewards. Maybe i'll wait and see if they give me an AUTO CLI in a few. I have some usage coming up for the holiday season.


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