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Re: Is it time to call
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The very thought of taking a HP for a CLI after I know of their SP practices would send this card to the shredder. The constant SP practice is annoying to me as I only app'ed this card for the stab hitting primeville. My rebuilding process has been ridiculously slow. Most others on myfico are swinging for the fences and I feel like I am beating a dead horse.


The reason I am waiting/wanting a CLI is to be rid of CP1. I am trying to reduce my amount of credit cards and just have 2 high CL cards versus the current 4 low CL cards I have now. 


I have called several times, first when the acct was opened and at the six month mark and once more when the report mid month during a cycle. All were met with failure! RRRRR......


Your case of app spree'ing and Barclays not jumping all over it is not the norm. In most cases they would cancel the account, or future CLI's would be impossible . A possible CLD to boot.



I did not call yet. I am waiting until monday. So, we will see what happens.