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Improving Credit Limits? Will this help?

Hi everyone I haven't been on here in years! But now that my credit is looking oh so terrible again I'm in need of some help. Last year I went on a very crazy app spree. I don't know why I did this but I got approved for one thing and couldn't help myself. After racking up several new accounts I lost my job. I have since recovered from missed payments and being several months unemployed but now I'm trying to find out ways of improving my credit. I am going to pay off my balances entirely and increase my deposits for my secured cards for my wells fargo 10k and my cap1 3k. Alot of my credit limits now have been reduced on all of my cards. Some of my cards, such as Target, haven't seen a cli in 4 years. But anyways do you think this will help improve something? My inq are set to fall off next year in February.


Thanks all